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Great Lakes Lighthouses

Lake Erie

Toledo Harbor Light, Lake Erie


Turtle Island, Lake Erie


Historic Marblehead Lighthouse, Lake Erie


West Sisiter Island, Lake Erie


Huron Harbor Light


Detroit River Light, Lake Erie


  South Bass Island Lighthouse  


Lake Huron

Fort Gratiot, Port Huron, MI

Harbor Beach, Lake Huron

Pointe Auxbarques, Lake Huron


Port Austin Reef Light, Lake Huron


Port Sanilac, Lake Huron


Saginaw Rear Range Light


Tawas Pointe Lighthouse, Saginaw Bay


 Charity Island, Saginaw Bay


Sturgeon Point, Lake Huron


Thunder Bay, Lake Huron


Middle Island, Lake Huron


Presque Isle, Lake Huron


Fortymile Point, Lake Huron

Poe Reef Light, Lake Huron Fourteen Foot Shoal, Lake Huron

Bois Blanc Island, Lake Huron

Round Island Light, Lake Huron
 Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Lake Huron


 Martin Reef Light, Lake Huron


De Tour Reef Light, Lake Huron





Lake Michigan

St. Helena Island, Lake Michigan

Skillagalee Reef Light, Lake Michigan

Waugoshance Shoal, Lake Michigan


White Shoal Light, Lake Michigan


Grays Reef Light, Lake Michigan


Lights On Beaver Island, Lake Michigan


Manitou Shoal Light, Lake Michigan


Manitou Island Lighthouse, Lake Michigan


,Grand Traverse Lighthouse Lake Michigan


Squaw Island, Lake Michigan


Frankfort Light, Lake Michigan


Manistee Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


Ludington Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


Muskegon Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


Holland Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


South Haven Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


St. Joseph Harbor Light, Lake Michigan


Point Betsie Light, Lake Michigan

Little Sable Point Light, Lake Michigan          Big Sable Lighthouse, Lake Michigan

Lake Superior

Au Sable Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior White Fish Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior  

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Other Lights of Interest
St. Clair Flats Range Lights, Lake St. Clair     Gravelly Shoal, Saginaw Bay     Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial, Lake Erie, South Bass Island, Ohio

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