Aerial Photography by Don Coles, Great Lakes Aerial Photos - Antonov AN2
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Russian Antonov AN2 Over Detroit


The Antonov AN2, designed in Russia in 1947, is one of largest single engine biplanes ever produced. The Antonov is an ideal aircraft for long-range arctic or jungle explorations. With a standard pay load of almost 5,000, the Antonov can carry the survival gear,supplies and equipment needed to survive in the harsh arctic or dense jungle environments. Although its cloth wings, metal body and 1000 HP radial engine hearken back to another era, the Antonov is still widely used in Arctic Siberia where perma frost prohibits road building or deserted place like the Australian Out back, or South American jungles. The Antonov AN-2 is an extremely reliable and sturdy bush plane. It has remarkable STOL characteristics, taking off and landing at about 50 knots. Another feature is a very short landing and take-off profile requiring only 500 feet of roll. The huge Antonov An-2 biplane can handle 14 passengers and cruises at 90 knots, while burning 45 gallons an hour. Despite the 1947 design the Antonov AN-2 has proven itself worthy of flying in the most remote regions of the globe. the AN-2 has earned the reputation of being a sturdy and reliable aircraft.

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Aerial Photography By: Don Coles,